Guide Me Project: 2nd Site Visit

On the 6th of January, 2023 we had a site visit to PPRT that involved a lot more of our committees. To be honest, the author was nervous about interacting with the people, but they were surprisingly nice and welcoming.

Not only that, but during that visit, we gathered so much new information that is useful for the project. 

  1. The people of the village prefer papers so we had to print the question forms instead of just inseminating them via WhatsApp. 
  2. The hall is already renovated but they do however need a few essentials: fans, tables and chairs.
  3.  The head of Rumah Panjang, Ibu Lin suggested a mentor system: in which every kid is assigned a mentor. They aren’t required pun to come every week but it can be a source of motivation/ support system for them via WhatsApp/ video call. 
  4. They prefer the trip which will be the last agenda of this project something engaging with the kids so they will be happier and more excited.

To summarise, we were able to gather a lot in those few hours, which motivated our committees to work even harder to provide the best we could for those kids so they could get the extra tuition classes they needed. May Allah make this journey easier.

Till next time, 


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