Centre for Arts & Cultural Sustainable Development



The establishment of the Centre for Arts & Cultural Sustainable Development (CiTRA-IIUM) aims to promote the beauty of local and international culture imbued with Islamic elements that makes it different from other culture organizations that are available in other higher educational institutions. The presentation of various elements of arts that combine both modern and traditional performing arts makes CiTRA team hasi its own unique identity.



CiTRA – Arts, Shape & Culture

  • Islamic arts and culture
  • Credited co-curricular on arts and culture
  • Islamic Arts and Culture Festival
  • Talent Management: Certification, workshop, and training
  • Intellectual Discourse on arts and culture
  • Integration, internationalization, and Islamicisation
  • Income generation and ecosystem

Under CiTRA we have three (3) units namely:

  1. Development and Publication Unit
  2. Administration and Finance Unit
  3. Production Unit


To be the referral center of Islamic culture in the Muslim world


  • To place at the forefront Islamic thinking, value, philosophy, way of life and civilization as the way for the future
  • To strengthen unity among Muslims and the universal world through appreciation, exhibition, appreciation, research, publication, media, and creative technology application/production
  • To be the leader in the field of applied (Islamic) cultural studies

Organisational Chart

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