REACH- Preparation of the Big Day

27/1/2023 – On preparation day, all members involve organizing and getting all the necessary items or materials together, such as gathering documents, packing bags, or putting together equipment. It may also involve doing research or practicing skills relevant to the upcoming event or activity, such as reviewing notes, rehearsing a speech and many other tasks. …

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REACH – Getting off to a good start

10/1/2023 – The first project meeting or kickoff meeting, where all the mainboard teams involved in the meeting came together to discuss the project objectives, scope, and deliverables. The main purpose of this meeting is to establish clear communication channels, define the roles and responsibilities of each bureaus , and agree on a project plan …

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REACH Programme

Assalamualaikum. REACH or Renal Care Outreach is a community engagement programme that aims to provide service for end-stage renal patients with ESRD. This project is organized by the IDEENS association and will be held at the MUIP Hemodialysis Centres, Kuantan, Pahang on 28th January & 25th February 2023.

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